Sunday, December 04, 2005

Redo #1

And let's hope it's the only one.

Friday night, just hours after the great beginning, it happened. After the big kick-off, I sat down and got to it. I had already done about 4 rows the night before, and it was then that it began. This sneaking suspicion. A hint that something might be awry.

I was working under duress. My circular needle felt very strongly that it was a curlicue. A double figure eight. It was hellatiously curled. I persevered, thinking the weight of the yarn will eventually cause it to ease. I began daydreaming about microwaving the whole project. Will those waves do anything to mercerized cotton? Will the plastic melt? Will the bamboo suddenly catch on fire?

It didn't matter. I saw it. The twist. An elegant, simple twist. At the join. CRAP! Crappity crap. Frogging is not my thing. But I did it. Tore out all 7 rows x 192 stitches.

So I've been in mourning. At least until tomorrow morning. Then, I will begin again...


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